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Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing
Engaging your target customers and selling your products or services have been redefined by smarter technologies which are powering online marketing. We empower our clients with the best tools to engage their targets more effectively online using search engines, social media, mobile applications, display adverts, email messaging, apps, web analytics and great contents.

We develop strategies and deploy them using our digital wisdom and local insights to achieve optimal results for our clients. We deliver cost-effective results for every campaign and promotions.
We believe that social media is connecting people to their shared identities and common interests. It is enabling content sharing, commerce, communication and community-building among people, businesses and brands. We develop strategies, campaigns, contents and applications for businesses to effectively manage their social media accounts and have endearing presence.

Though social media is part of digital marketing, we focus on it as a major new media channel for marketing, engagement and brand positioning.
Mobile Marketing Advertising
With over 7billion mobile subscriptions and 700million more of mobile devices, the ultimate screens for content consumption in the future are mobile phones, tablets and phablets. . It is not possible for forward-looking businesses to market their products or services effectively without considering the mobile platform.

Therefore, we empower our clients to intensely engage their customers on the go, using innovative mobile applications and technologies, to deliver messages, campaigns and promotions in real time everywhere they are. From SMS marketing to QR Codes, we make sure mobile marketing delivers optimal results.
We design and deploy results-oriented adverts on various digital platforms and traditional channels to attract high conversion rate and engagement, respectively. Employing best practices and technical insights, we make sure our clients’ adverts are exposed to the highest number of the target online visitors on social media, search engines, Google Display Networks, and high traffic websites.

We effectively blend digital and traditional media to create a holistic visibility and loyal attraction for our clients. We believe in creating impressions in more consumers than the number of impressions the adverts get on the selected platforms.
Content Development Strategy and Planning
Content is the wrapper for structured communication messages. We create creative contents that trigger interactions and arouse conversations around the brands of our clients among the target consumers.

We make sure our contents are adaptable across various online and mobile platforms to ensure consistency of message and brand character. We know great contents attract great consumers. Also, it sustains attention and conversation which results in the highest return on investment.
Positioning your brand or marketing your business on both digital and traditional channels requires strategy and planning to get the best of results. This helps to create a serious, imposing and efficient brand character which stands out among the clutter of competitors and multiple attention-seeking interactions.

We develop, implement and measure strategies for the businesses and brands we work on to achieve praise-worthy outputs. We believe that it takes strategy to know what to do, when to adapt and how to adjust. It takes planning to avoid obvious costly mistakes.
Technology Consultancy Training and Events
We also consult for our clients on issues such technology adoption, brand positioning, marketing activations and advertising services. We help them to setup in-house digital marketing department with cost-effective equipment, technology devices, resources and tools.

Most times, the persistent challenge for businesses is knowing how to contextualize their products and services in their marketing drives. We help them to design engagement strategies which rightly places their products and services in the best contexts which connects with their target consumers.
We organize intensive hands-on workshops, masterclasses and seminars for target groups from various industries to train in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Blogging and Website Management. We do customized in-house training for businesses upon request.

We also organize annual industry events such as Digital Marketing Summit, Online, TopApps Awards, and Digital Church. Some of our event partners include Ghana-India Kofi Annan Center Of Excellence In ICT, Joy 99.7fm, Citi 97.3fm, MyJoyOnline, Graphic Business and Graphic Communication.
We have happily worked for clients from various industries and geographies.
They worked with us to create contents, train their personnel, organized events
and created online presence. Some of the major ones are as follows:
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We are a professional team of experts and strategists who have worked in the advertising, marketing and technology industries over the years.

Our areas of experience include Digital Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Branding, Web Development, Mobile Marketing, App Development, Display Advertising and Email Marketing.

We also train businesses and corporate bodies to integrate and manage their digital media campaigns and also build an engaging online presence.

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